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How do delegates communicate with each other at your conferences, expos and summits?

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I found the app excellent for 
communicating with other attendees.
Dicky Davies, CEO, Lowell Group

About is a simple, intuitive and cost-effective web-based application that allows delegates attending conferences and exhibitions to send each other chat messages and meeting invites.

 The 121 meetings App was a very effective way 
to communicate with specific people.
Aleksandar Radić, Restructuring Manager, Société Générale

Features offers a number of key features to facilitate networking at your events

A delegate messaging service with email alerts

Meetings at a pre-defined meeting point or at a reserved desk or room

Loading of company & delegate profiles, photos, logos, links and contact information

Colour editing to match your event page

A delegate Meetings calendar

Delegate and company searching

Message Board: Send marketing messages to all delegates

View a list of all delegates with photos, profiles & job titles

Add sponsor logos on home page

Simple to use

Setting up for each of your events is simple and intuitive, and does not require any specific IT skills.

  • Upload an Excel file of delegates attending
  • Add an event name and create a matching URL
  • Select a colour matching your company or event colours
  • Add sponsor logos and attending company logos
  • Add meeting points and named meeting rooms

It’s as simple as that!

Who for has been designed for companies organising and hosting conferences, summits and exhibitions.

All these companies have one thing in common: they all see that the success of their events is determined largely by the amount and quality of interaction between participating delegates.


If you would like to take a look at, simply write to us here expressing your interest. We will happily send you a delegate Username and Password to access an example event where you will be able to test functionality, usability and design.

Simply write to us explaining what your business does, how many events you typically run per year and what you would like to achieve by using

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